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              Only released in EOL distros:  

              pr2_plugs: checkerboard_pose_estimation | outlet_pose_estimation | pr2_image_snapshot_recorder | pr2_plugs_actions | pr2_plugs_common | pr2_plugs_msgs | stereo_wall_detection | visual_pose_estimation

              Package Summary

              pr2_plugs metapackage. The pr2_plugs metapackage groups all of the functionality needed for the pr2 to plug itself into the wall

              Running the plugs demo

              You need to install the 'pr2 plugs' stack of ROS (see installation instructions). On Ubuntu, this means:

               $ sudo apt-get install ros-fuerte-pr2-plugs


              Follow the PR2 Plugs Itself In tutorial.


              Before you can run on the PR2 robot, you need a robot-specific calibration in /etc/ros/plugs/hw_calibration.yaml:

                y: 0.0
                z: 0.0

              Depending on where the plug hits the outlet, you'll need to in/de-crease the calibration offset:


              The plug offsets are reloaded from the parameter server before every plug attempt. After changing the offsets, load the file into the parameter server before retrying:

               $ rosparam load /etc/ros/plugs/hw_calibration.yaml

              Now launch the code:

               $ roslaunch pr2_plugs_actions  pr2_base_application.launch
               $ roslaunch pr2_plugs_actions  plug_actions.launch run_sim:=0

              To plug in:

                $ rosrun pr2_plugs_actions  app_plugin.py

              And to unplug:

                $ rosrun pr2_plugs_actions  app_unplug.py

              Report a Bug

              <<TracLink(wg-ros-pkg plugs)>>

              Wiki: pr2_plugs (2012-04-05 23:11:54由BhaskaraMarthi編輯)

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